Workshops, Walks and Talks: Christina White

Christina’s prime interest lies in post industrial archaeology. She makes systematic explorations through the landscape by walking – her photographs show evidence of mineral extraction, some dating from the Roman occupation. The Mendips hills have been exploited for limestone from east to west not only historically, but as an important industry today. It is one Christina engages with as it forms part of a historical heritage which cannot be ignored. The landscape changes everyday at the interference of man. Disused quarries such as Westdown have gone through a process of ‘re-wilding’, nature has reclaimed but not transformed. History cannot be repeated, the landscape will never return to its former self. The feeling of melancholy is tangible, it may not bring us closer to understanding the human activity in blasting or drilling limestone, but it does bring us closer to the history of our planet.

Workshop: Cyanotype and Van-Dyke photographs
HALF-DAY WORKSHOP: Saturday 22nd August, 9.30am – 1pm at Halecombe Quarry BA11 3RD

Learning outcomes:
Christina offers a Cyanotype and Van-Dyke workshop. This involves coating paper with prepared solutions, and exposing the papers to the sun against vegetation in the quarry. These then get washed in water to reveal the image. It is a brilliant way of engaging with the flora. It may also be possible to run a pinhole camera workshop too in the quarry. Historically Cyanotype (blue) and Van-Dyke (brown) are 19th century processes.

Logistics and materials:
A gazebo can be erected if weather is poor. Blackout material may be used, good quality watercolour paper, chemicals, trays and water containers will be provided.

To book please contact:
Fiona Campbell: or tel: (01749) 880394/07515537224


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