Ralph Hoyte is a Bristol-based poet, writer and artist whose practice covers poetry as a live-art, sculptural poetry, and GPS poetry-scripts. Hoyte’s live-art works are often epic and place-based, and arise out of a walking practice, as with ‘From Winscombe to Priddy Nine Barrows – a Mendip Journey’ (for the Mendips ‘Lifelines’) project; heavily research-based, as with ‘Romancing the Gibbet’, a recent collaboration with historian Steve Poole and public artist Michael Fairfax on the theatrical public executions of the 18th/early 19th century; or use GPS locative media, as with ANTICLINE, a GPS walk for the smartphone for the Step in Stone artscape.

As a spatial poet, Hoyte typically works in collaboration with sculptors, visual artists and screen-based artists to realize 3D sculptures or 2D graphic works which include words, or which are made of words. Hoyte idea-initiated and then co-created the world’s first audio-play for located media in an intelligent environment, 1831 RIOT! (with Mobile Bristol and Hewlett-Packard Labs). In this highly technical area Hoyte works with Phill Phelps, coder and audio-engineer. Hoyte creates and writes poem- and wordscripts which are then uploaded to virtual GPS-located soundpools overlaid over a real land-/cityscape. When downloaded as an app, these ‘poem-‘ or ‘cultural-historical-‘ or ‘artistic-scenarios’ trigger on a smartphone only in the designated geo-location. They are ‘a portal into an alternative universe’ or ‘a virtual auditorium’, or ‘the landscape sings to you’.

For the Step in Stone artscape, Hoyte is working with collaborator Phill Phelps (coder and audio-engineer) to create a triptych of works :

In Fairy Cave Quarry: SYNCLINE:

a poetic sound intervention: 6 self-powered megaphone assemblages suspended off the 60ft-high cliff edges of Fairy Cave Quarry beam the work into this (un)natural amphitheatre.

In Westdown Quarry: ANTICLINE:

a GPS-triggered poetic soundwalk for Westdown Quarry in which fragmentary quests and interventions from voices caught within the fractured strata are heard on your own smartphone

At Black Swan Arts/Frome: PERICLINE:

a haptic sound sculpture which responds poetically to users ‘playing’ the protruding rock cores (powered by a Raspberry Pi mini-computer)

Further details are also on Hoyte’s website: http://www.ralphhoyte.com/

Ralph step in stone BGW Photo Jack Offord

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