Once as high as the Pyrenees, the Mendips are the result of a collision of continents. Shockwaves uplifted and folded rock previously part of the oceanic seabed. Mediterranean origins are visible in the limestone which was created by sediment, corals and crustacean compressed and petrified into hard rock. The extracted limestone has provided roadstone for most of the south and southwest. Concrete products and tarmac form the surface of major areas of London – airports, the Olympic Stadium and pavements. “Whether it is walked on or driven over, the myth of the Mendips linger.”

“I explore the idea of creation and evolution, the geological timeline, past, present and future. Both disused and working quarries are significant with memory and myth. The quarry face holds the memory, the stone removed holds the myth of a landscape long gone. The quarry face changes through the seasons, vegetation purchase on the tiniest of ledges; nature defiant in its reclamation spreads into fissures and crevasses. Slabs and perpendicular layers of rock, crack under the frozen waters of winter, changing, breaking, and ageing though time. I look at these lines as signifiers of ageing, lines etched in the rock like lines on a face or the lifeline on the palm of a hand – there to be read through the lens of my camera. “

Christina White uses large format and medium format film cameras to create her pictures. She processes film personally, and the negatives are then digitally scanned. “When photographing disused quarries, I use multiple exposures to create images which reveal the different layers of memory with the narrative of an industrial past.”

mob: 07810567150

Christina White, Two Histories, Westdown Quarry - ST717456 Pigment Inks on St Cuthbert's Mil Somerset Photo Satin Paper






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