I live and work in Trowbridge, at the bottom of my garden is the workshop. Originally training in ceramics at Bath Spa university I had a love of print right from the start. Texture and form play an important role in ceramics, and elements of this are evident in my work. My prints often challenge the flat reproduction of an image and its presentation. I use the vehicle of print to make original works on paper.

Being invited to take part in the step in stone project has been inspirational for me. I have used a relatively basic material to make a series of works, brown packing tape and perspex.

My response to the quarry visits was initially to the texture and colour of the rock that is mined, which is black limestone.

The feeling of the quarry research trip was then taken into the workshop with me and over the last few months interrogated again and again. Occasionally I refer to photographs taken at the time,

But mostly the prints and collage have developed independently in response to each other. I have chosen to work on thick black paper and mostly in black, bronze and silver.

These colours represent the importance of this most natural of materials: a black rock, which provides the Mendips with their structure and the local economy with a fantastic resource. Tel. 01225 760095


Cath Bloomfield Collagraph on Black 01 Jo Hounsome Photography


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