Visual art, music, live art, performance, sound sculpture, interactive environments, site-specific installations, interdisciplinary collaborations.  Recent projects include an outdoor version of Lachrymae presented in a remote woodland on the South Dorset Ridgeway as part of Inside Out Dorset 2014 and In the Field  commissioned for the village of Wadhurst in Sussex marking the centenary of the Battle of Aubers Ridge (1915-2015).  For step in stone Artmusic will create ECHO, a collaboration between composer Helen Ottaway, visual artist Rowena Pearce and sound designer Alastair Goolden also featuring live performance.

Artmusic’s ECHO recording is available as a free MP3 download – click link.

Trumpet and rocks by Rowena


Artmusic’s BLAST at Westdown/Asham Quarry, Sat 22 August ’15.  Photo by Mark Adler

Artmusic, BLAST, trumpeter John. Photo by Mark Adler

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