Visual art, music, live art, performance, sound sculpture, interactive environments, site-specific installations, interdisciplinary collaborations.  Recent projects include Learning from John Cage – a celebration of the life and work of composer and artist; Lachrymae ‘14 presented as part of Inside Out Dorset; In the Field ’15 – commissioned for the village of Wadhurst in Sussex marking the centenary of the Battle of Aubers Ridge. Envisaged collaboration between composer Helen Ottaway, sound designer Alastair Goolden and visual artists Rowena Pearce and Tim Millar.

Low relief sculpture, assemblages, collages, layered, stitched prints & collagraph plates; recent exhibitions include Black Swan Arts, Frome; Fisherton Mill, Salisbury; American Museum, Bath; represented by The Guild @51, Cheltenham; based in South West. This project will offer Cath fresh challenges for her creative development.

Abstract artist specialising in aluminium etching, video and artists books. Her prints have a strong contemporary feel, drawing inspiration from music and the natural world; founder member of Somerset Printmakers, Fingerprint and Women in Print; runs Dove Studios in Somerset.

Artist Collector. Loves quarries and scuba diving. Sculptural work includes natural history collections in cabinets, display trolleys, and casting. Projects include: Solo at BRLSI, Bath; Diving with Spacex in Exeter docks; Exmoor Collection; Bristol Open City and Arnolfini dockside cabinet works. Has organised site specific art trails and worked collaboratively on large projects. Represented by Bo-Lee Gallery, London. BA/MA in Fine Art. Lectures in art at Strode College. Based in Somerset.

Fiona’s work reflects an interest in our relationship with the natural world, nature’s cyclical persistence and the essence of life. Fiona’s drawings inform mixed media sculptural pieces wrought as primal, nest-like structures, often as 3d drawings in space, using found and recycled materials.

Local and international sculptor using raw fragments of stone in classical tradition from modernist standpoint. Found connection with stone during childhood spent in Mendips, also inspired by years spent in Greece. Resolves spatial puzzles, suggesting myth & movement – drawing from mankind’s 35,000 year expression through form and the epic timescale of geomorphology.

International artist of “miniscule sculptures.. constructed from bits of organic material, such as roots, leaves, and dead insects.. tiny spectacles … evolve as something alien and futuristic… apocalyptic narratives of a microscopic underworld..” Awards include Vivien Leigh Prize, a sculpture residency in King’s Wood, Kent, and Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Award. In ‘07 nominated for The Times/The South Bank Show Breakthrough Award. Exhibitions include Odyssey at Bath Abbey, Unwelcome Visitors at Holburne Museum, Bath ‘14, Thinking the Unthinkable at The Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland, Miniature Worlds at the Jerwood Space, London, and The Terror at Firstsite in Colchester. Undertook a residency at the Natural History Museum, London ‘07. Her work is in collections worldwide, including the Saatchi Gallery, the Ashmolean Museum and the David Roberts Collection.

A sculptor and environmental artist.  Interested in the physical character of natural objects, their specific place, environment and relationship to culture, myths and history. Turns organic materials into something beautiful, paradoxical and surprising. MA, Royal College of Art. Travelled and exhibited in geographical, ecological extremes – Central America, Scandinavia, Mediterranean, Canada, Korea, UK. Solos in Glass Gallery, Telmark University College, Norway; Spazi Rossi, Italy; Richard Levy Gallery, New Mexico; Natural Procession, Galeria de Arte, Portugal; ‘Lost & Found’, Norway; Victoria Art Gallery, Bath; Brewhouse, Taunton; International residencies & projects. Currently Professor of Art in Norway.

A multi media artist. Passion, protection & preservation of the environment inspires her work. Using traditional and modern techniques she incorporates natural, found and man-made materials – clay, paper, felt and fabrics. Suzie is an experienced educator, Arts Award Advisor and Young Curators Facilitator.

Ralph is a sculptural & spatial poet based in Bristol. He creates voiceworks and sculptural pieces. Projects include Bristol Alliance, Cabot Circus; Bristol’s floating harbour verse; Bristol Legible City; Garden of the 4 Jewels; The 3 voices of Heavitree; Landmarks Banner.

International environmental artist. Has exhibited throughout UK, Australia and recently Ukraine representing Australia at the inaugural  International Contemporary Sculpture Festival organised by Kyiv Sculpture Project and in collaboration with the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in June 2012; in 2014 she is making work in Gran Canaria. Passion for making site-specific environmental installations. Shown in isolated arid locations such as the ancient dry lake bed of Lake George in ACT, Australia, deserts in South Australia, the exposed ragged cliff tops above Bondi Beach for Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney, the wet lush rural gardens at Lowood Gallery in Cumbria, UK, created floating works at the lakes of University of Western Sydney & the Botanic Gardens in Kiev, Ukraine. Experienced art & design educator.

Artist and landscape architect; her sculptural and assemblage works take the natural world as a starting point using a variety of natural materials including her own charcoal, clay, chalk, willow, poplar, birch, hazel, dogwood stems and leaves. Her main focus is on sustainability, treading the land gently and memory of place. Recent solos at Devon Guild, Walford Mill, Black Swan Arts and in 2014 at the Crafts Study Centre, Farnham; various site-specific public commissions; represented by Contemporary Applied Arts, London and Devon Guild. South West based. This project will offer Caroline a new opportunity for work linking her interests in sense of place and layers of memory.

Artist & curator; paintings constructed from layers of plaster and oil paint to expose layers beneath, evoking the experience of archaeological excavations and erosion; recent projects include Mapping The Jurassic Coast – part of Jurassic Coast Arts Programme ’09-’12; The Colour of Time: Investigating geological mapping systems; co-curator of ExLab project and b-side multi media arts festival (environment focused and site specific contexts). Sherborne House Arts Director; founder member of ‘Big Picture’ and long-term member of the Visual Arts South West Steering Group. Interested in this project as a springboard to develop her work in a new outdoor site specific environment, related to her interest in geology. Amanda will act as curatorial mentor to Fiona

Christina’s prime interest lies in post industrial archaeology. She makes systematic explorations through the landscape by walking – her photographs show evidence of mineral extraction, some dating from the Roman occupation. The Mendips hills have been exploited for limestone from east to west not only historically, but as an important industry today. It is one Christina engages with as it forms part of a historical heritage which cannot be ignored. The landscape changes everyday at the interference of man. Disused quarries such as Westdown have gone through a process of ‘re-wilding’, nature has reclaimed but not transformed. History cannot be repeated, the landscape will never return to its former self. The feeling of melancholy is tangible, it may not bring us closer to understanding the human activity in blasting or drilling limestone, but it does bring us closer to the history of our planet.




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