Artist & curator; paintings constructed from layers of plaster and oil paint to expose layers beneath, evoking the experience of archaeological excavations and erosion; recent projects include Mapping The Jurassic Coast – part of Jurassic Coast Arts Programme ’09-’12; The Colour of Time: Investigating geological mapping systems; co-curator of ExLab project and b-side multi media arts festival (environment focused and site specific contexts). Sherborne House Arts Director; founder member of ‘Big Picture’ and long-term member of the Visual Arts South West Steering Group.

“Geology underpins everything about our landscape yet the rocks below our feet are largely hidden, their profound influence difficult to perceive. We can read explanations of geological processes however the concepts can be hard to grasp when for the most part rocks remain concealed below ground and the natural processes that have shaped the land operate on timescales that humans find difficult to conceive. Quarries, cliffs and caves can give us a glimpse into this underground world where rocks can be read and their stories revealed.”

The work Amanda is making for step in stone explores these concepts and looks at geological mapping and the now universal language of colours and symbols that are used in geological communication. This work will be specific to the geology of the Eastern Mendip area working with the quarries that feature in this project and the microscopic structure of four main rock types found in the area. Andesite from the Silurian period, Black Rock Limestone from the Carboniferous period, Old Red Sandstone from the Devonian period and Doulting Stone from the Jurassic period covering a time span of 299 million years.

Deep Time 18

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