Back in Fairy Cave Quarry – Evidence

A terrific afternoon and early evening exploring Fairy Cave quarry. Walked the perimeter collecting evidence of natural history and human activity and picked up snail shells, feathers, broken plastic car light fragments, pieces of ceramic, a glove, a wheel, a watch, bones, unusual stones and many other treasures for mounting and presentation. Worked with card and plaster to cast interesting tracks in the little mud that remains and stood alone in the middle of this wonderful sunken void as the rooks called and the light faded.

e August Quarry #1 e August Quarry #2 e August Quarry #3 e August Quarry #4 e August Quarry #5 e August Quarry #6 e August Quarry #7


Duncan Cameron  7/8/15

Sculpture in a day.

Enjoyed a terrific day at the Somerset Earth Science Centre working with competition winner Charlotte McKeown making her ‘sculpture in a day’. We all collaborated to grind, weld, glue and assemble the conveyor belt inspired piece and were delighted to help charlotte successfully complete the work in time for the 5-o-clock opening.

e SESC Charlotte #2 e SESC Charlotte #1 e SESC Charlotte #3 e SESC Charlotte #4



Duncan Cameron  17/7/15

Working on Charlotte’s sculpture

A good day working with Charlotte McKeown, the young sculpture design competition winner, in the Strode College workshop. We made good progress with the development of her fantastic sculpture ideas in advance of the launch day at The Somerset Earth Science Centre next weekend.

eCharlotte STEP STONE



Duncan Cameron 30/6/15

More on-site experimentation.

Spent a terrific couple of hours in Fairy Cave quarry as the sun went down, this silent and huge sunken world echoing with the calls of roosting crows. Excited to find clear animal tracks along the retreating muddy margins of a large puddle but without my plaster casting equipment this evening so I had to console myself with the experimental collection of lost metal artefacts by using a large magnet to ‘drag’ for treasure. I only collected a series of small pins and nails but I think the techniques has potential and I may rig up a simple wheely mechanism so that I can keep the magnet pointing straight at the ground as I walk the quarry. Made notes about horizon features and considered my mapping ideas and the recording of tree silhouettes before returning to the van, parked amongst the derelict buildings in the dusk.

eSTONE magnet


Duncan Cameron  29/6/15

Considering Quarry Bones

e Quarry Bones

I’m considering the deer bones that I collected in the quarry and how they can form part of the cabinet collection. The vertibra are particularly beautiful and I’m considering casting and drawing from them and also how I may raise them up within the cabinet I am now building. The bones are of course also a testament to the vertiginous nature of the excavated quarry walls and tragic evidence of the lost lives of the luckless creatures that have fallen over the edge, their bones now winkled from the rocks by an enthusiastic forensic artist.

Duncan Cameron  23/6/15