Making a relief.

The pit edge

The pit edge

I am making a relief out of black materials, card and paper, old prints. I want to build up layers of strata, and show where these have moved over time. Our intervention has altered the landscape of the Mendips irreversibly by mining the black limestone and other minerals. A friend asked me how the quarries could be filled in, by excavating a huge pit somewhere else. Dig a hole to fill a hole!!

Looks like Fiona and the team had a wonderful day in Bristol , the pics look great.

Cath Bloomfield  15/6/15

work in progress

Finally got going on this malarky!!

New camera at last, just getting to grips with it….

Attached some on going ideas about the black limestone from the quarry.

What an industrial space, a space loaded with memories.

Scar print


Cath Bloomfield  18/5/15