Suzie’s trial pieces

'Finds' suspended on wool card

“Finds” Suspended on Wool Cords

Tying two heritages together from the Westdown /Ashdown Wood Quarry area.   The artefacts have all been found rusting away during walks in the area of the former quarry – relics of its past history. They are held on wool cords to depict a second element of the areas past and present history and heritage – sheep.

Alice and Jacob Sunbathing!

Alice and Jacob Sunbathing!

Two fleeces washed and drying out in the sun before carding. More to go!

Fairy Cave – A fairy ring of stones at Fairy Cave Quarry

Fairy Cave – A fairy ring of stones at Fairy Cave Quarry

Trialing out the possibility of a large felt “ball” to be held within ring of stones which are already in situ at Fairy Cave. The finished piece will not be red or plastic!!

Large Stones Large Stones

Large Stones

Photographs of possible large stone in the Westdown Quarry area – which large stone might be the best to felt around?

blue tit

Blue Tit

Nature getting its own back – blue tit stealing the felted wool back off the rock!

Suzie's trial felt/rock piecesSuzie's trial felt/rock pieces

Trial felted rock pieces

Suzie Gutteridge  13/5/15

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